Work Sprint

by Rockwae

A radical way to break into Product.

Skip the certifications and avoid imposter syndrome - get real experience.

Getting Practice

Work Sprint is an online experience which gives you the first principles of Product Management, then puts them into action.

Practice on real problems with a team (with engineers and designers), and leave with a Product.

Going Multiplayer

One of the biggest challenges in Product is learning how to work effectively with a team.

Online courses are static, single-player modes to learn product theory.

Work Sprint is a fast-paced, multiplayer way to learn, then practice.

It’s less talk, more work.

Less Talk. More Work

Here is what you get from a Work Sprint.

Kick-start Your Product Portfolio

Ship your product and start getting signals from the market.

Stop thinking about entrepreneurship and start building your idea.

Gain Experience Running Product In A Team

Focus on teamwork and decision making in a fast paced environment.

40% of our cohorts continue building their product after Work Sprint.

Understand The First Principles Of Product

Learn the fundamentals of emerging Product practices and how to navigate your career in this space.

We focus on deep understanding rather than jargon and codified tactics.

How It Works


Submit a video application to get a place (within 48 hours)



You join a team of designers, engineers and business people, and given an Product leader as coach



Choose a problem and start putting the first principles of product management into action



Cover all bases with brainstorming, user journey mapping, experiments, to get you to MVP

What Is In A Work Sprint

  • Show up, join a team and start building. It’s simple, and real

  • Each Sprint is 2 weeks, it’s quick and agile (just like product)

  • How much time you invest is up to you, but to make it count we advise a minimum of 10hrs p/w

  • Each cohort is facilitated by a senior product leader from Rockwae there to guide (not lecture)

  • Timezone: BST

How It Runs

We meet Mon, Wed & Fri for 1.5 hrs.(GMT+1)

Office hrs on demand

Every team runs at its own pace

You and your team decide your own working hours.

"I now understand that there is more to PM than I initially had in mind. I'm aware of the things I don't know and that being a good PM requires a lot of search and study."

Mahmoud, mechatronics engineer & self-taught developer

“I’ve now built the MVP and testing through interviews, and following the YC summer school to support rollout..I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without Rockwae.”

Gaia, entrepreneur & founder

"I appreciated that the product team I was in was in a flow was one of the best teams I've worked with."

Aisling, INSEAD MBA & fmr CSM at a tech company

Work Sprint On Friday Oct 16th Fully Booked!
Now Booking: Work Sprint Starting November 13th
Apply now for space. If you're not satisfied after 2 weeks,
we'll refund you. Ready to Sprint?

Apply Now
November 13th Kick Off

1. Send us a 60 second intro video to get to know you better (or submit a link to a video).

2. We'll review within 48 hours with an acceptance (or reasons for a declined application)

3. If accepted, you'll be directed to a payment page to complete a payment of £250 within 7 days.

File upload accepts .mov, .moov, .mv, .movie, .avi, .mp3, .mpe, .mpg, .mpeg, .qt, .qtc with a limit of 32MB
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How does it work?

You show up. You join a team. Then the team starts building. Simple and Real. You’ll work in a virtual organisation alongside other cohort teams each working on their own problems. The outcome for each team is a testable product. Just as in a real workplace, your work will be facilitated by senior product people according to emerging practices in the field, but don’t expect to be lectured.

What is the timeline?

Runtime: We recommend 10 hours per week at least, including team debriefs (4.5 hours)

Just as in a real workplace, how much time you spend working is up to you and your team. We care about the outcomes only.
You’re only required to show up online for 3 team debriefs, 1.5 hrs each on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Timezone: BST time.

Who is this for?

We’re looking for people with a Curious, Crossfunctional and Creative mindset, regardless of their backgrounds.

Biz, Design, Developers

When is the next

We will run the program monthly:
October 23rd (applications open) - we pushed the previous start date (initially on 16th) to accommodate a big group joining usNov, Dec 2020 (subscribe below to be notified when applications open)

What is the cost?

Cost is £250 per person payable upon acceptance

Can I get a refund?

Our intention is to provide the best team-based learning experience available for product. If the program does not meet your expectations, we will honor refunds for participants who complete the full Work Sprint and offer thorough feedback on the experience

Ready to get started?

Keep in touch?

It’s a product bootcamp.
It’s an online startup accelerator.
It’s an online product management course.
It’s a maker studio.
It’s a future of work agency.
It’s a product coaching service.

We’re beyond that.

We’re a society.

We focus on meaningful experiences rather than codified knowledge to learn.
We believe in emerging practices and not best practices.
We celebrate imperfection rather than standardisation.
We know everyone wins when knowledge expands without borders.
We value intuition/holism over logic and reductionism.

We like polarizing voices and deep personal cultures.
We like activist and conscious professionals.
We like people who want more and are unsatisfied with the status quo.

We believe work is personal.
We believe work is imperfect.
We believe work is more psychological than rational. And all of that is ok.

We believe what people work on and how people choose to work have a big impact on our world’s big problems. Work is how we create our realities and if we don’t do it well (meaningfully, consciously and sustainably), our realities will suffer.

We believe that the conversation of what is value has been silenced by the extreme view that the market is the only thing that matters. That is leading to distasteful products and services and is dehumanising the culture of work.

How we work together needs reform through a new culture(s) of work. That is why we are creating a space where we explore, develop and perform emerging work practices that create real and meaningful value for business, individuals' careers and society.

We’re starting our journey on what is referred to broadly today by product management. This is because we believe that, as our societies digitise, the various types of careers that fall under its umbrella are going to be the most impactful to our future realities.

We deliver coaching, advisory, bespoke engagements services and create spaces where you can experience a different kind of work. We help organisations reform through product culture and we grow our community. We also like to think we’re providing thought leadership and at the very least, bringing back vital topics to the table for an active debate.

Product Management Is Dead

We've been thinking about the concepts in this post for a few years now; defining Product more as a culture rather than a job. We need to reform how we think about the future of work and management. We explore some takeaways and insights in this article.

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